They complete basic safety routines to STCW 95, carry a seamen’s book, pass bridge familiarization as well as intensive weapon drills and medic training. Every operator owns a publicly issued certificate of good conduct. ARGONAUTIS provides the teams with its own weapons.

The company acts as the legal owner of these arms and has approval by authorities to operate worldwide. While deployed, every team is equipped with semiautomatic assault weapons with special optics which allow an effective range of up to 1.000m for warning shots. The personal equipment of each contractor fulfils the high standards of our licenses and the ISO‘s we have.

We use strategic locations and ports for embarkation and disembarkation of weapons and personnel operations. All our agents have been dully vetted by our company and they are fulfilling the requirements of the International Maritime Laws and ISO 28007:2015 Standards.

We are also able to embark/disembark from places that need special permits such as Djibouti Port. Please contact us for more information.