The world is changing. It is everywhere and does not stop – not even at sea. To keep up, we need to rethink. Rethink the way we work and the way we operate. We do not stand still. We adapt and observe. In doing so, ARGONAUTIS does not just keep up. We are one step ahead.

The team around ARGONAUTIS also displays the on-going change. Our General Manager Evangelos (Evan) Christodoulou, retired Lieutenant Commander of the Hellenic Navy, is a team member who brings year of experience and fresh ideas with him. Our Sales Manager, meanwhile looks forward to further establish ARGONAUTIS as a strong and trusted security service provider in the maritime industry.

With Mr. Christodoulou as General Manager as well as the rest of the team, the mindset of the company has changed. We resolve to do certain things differently in the future while ensuring to provide our clients with the best top-notch service. We still provide reliable protection for goods, facilities, people and assets. Consequently, the company is expanding its services to more and more comprehensive security concepts.

Our services cover support for your crews travelling high risk areas. We incorporate all the know-how of our industry. Our shareholders and senior officers have gained many years of experience in specialized units of military forces, and maritime security. All employees have received extensive training toward the various tasks and requirements. International deployments and numerous courses resulted in in-depth skills and expertise.

With this range of experience, ARGONAUTIS covers all aspects of maritime security issues. To protect your property and personnel against piracy, to keep the seaways open, to guarantee timely deliveries and keep the costs of maritime trade within calculable risks – those are just a few of the important contributions which we provide.

Not all security is equal. Depending on who and what needs to be protected different strategies and skills are necessary. So ARGONAUTIS provides you with proven experts for each of our service areas.